History of Valentine's Day

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History of Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world on February 14 every year, has gone through many interesting processes throughout history until it became a romantic day where lovers exchange gifts and send cards to each other. Many events, from Ancient Greece to Rome, from the Middle Ages to the present, form the basis of the special day we know today as Valentine's Day. Even the English name for Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, comes from Saint Valentine. Knowing all these historical processes,, Tufanlar Jewelry Valentine's Day CollectionWhen choosing a special product for your lover, it will help you to master the deep meanings of this important day and to choose your gift with this reputation.


February 14 from Ancient Greece to Rome


The time period, which is called the month of Gamelion in ancient Greece and starts in mid-January and ends in mid-February, is dedicated to the marriage of Zeus and Hera. In Ancient Rome, February 15 was a special day celebrated as Lupercalia Day, by sacrificing a goat in the name of Lupercus, the god of fertility, by Roman clergy. Sacrificing to Lupercus, the priests would put cuts of goat skin on their heads and wander the streets, touching everyone they saw. Roman girls believed that this touch would bring fertility and increase their fertility, and they voluntarily took to the streets to come forward so that the clergy would touch them first.


On February 14, the eve of Lupercalia Day, the names of young girls were written on small pieces of paper and collected in a bowl. Roman young men, on the other hand, would spend time as a couple with the girl who came out to them by drawing lots from this captain until the end of Lupercalia Day. That is why on February 15, young girls go out to the streets in the hope of increasing their fertility and run to the touch of abundance.


Towards the last quarter of the 400s, this tradition was abolished by the Pope of the time. It has become a tradition to draw lots in which only the names of the saints are written. 


Saint Valentine's Day


The first official record of Saint Valentine's name is in the 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia. The list of martyrs in the encyclopedia mentions a saint named Valentine, who was killed on February 14 because of his religious beliefs. According to the records, February 14 was declared a day of celebration in honor of Saint Valentine by Pope Gelasius in 496. No trace of love has been found about Saint Valentine in official records. It is thought that the concept of love and Saint Valentine began to be associated with each other in the 14th century. There are two widely known rumors about this, which some historians see as mere stories. The first of these rumors; It is about a prison guard who sends a love letter to his sister after she realizes that Valentine will be executed. The second rumor is; It is related to the fact that Saint Valentine married some soldiers even though it was forbidden for Roman soldiers to marry for a while.


Another finding about February 14 in the 14th century is in a book called Parlement of Foules, written in 1381. According to what is written in the book, February 14 is known as the mating day of birds in England and France in those years. Dedicated to this natural phenomenon, the lovers gave each other letters with words of love or love poems written on them. According to a rumor, the lovers addressed each other as Valentine in these letters.


Birds of the 14th Century, Couples of the 21st Century


For hundreds of years, like the birds that mate and build a new nest in mid-February, people aim to express their love to their loved ones and establish a happy union with various cards, letters and gifts. Although many things have changed over the centuries, the tradition of lovers giving gifts to each other continues today. In fact, the most common day of marriage proposals in the world is February 14.


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