How to Choose a Marriage Proposal Ring?

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What kind of diamond ring should you choose in the first step towards marriage? 

When you decided to make a marriage proposal, you immediately started looking for a proposal ring, but you may not be able to decide exactly what model you should choose.Tufanlar Jewellery We have written this article to inform you and make suggestions.

Primarily marriage proposal ring There are questions that you need to know the answer to when buying.

Should I choose diamonds??

Most marriage proposalsdiamond ringspreferable. Because diamond symbolizes thousands of years of history. The diamond is the cut and shaped form of the diamond mine with a special craftsmanship. Models in which precious natural stones are used in addition to diamonds are very popular lately. That's why it's one of the most elegant ways to express your love.Diamond ringmay prefer.

How should I choose the model??

You should choose your model according to the tastes of the person you love. Whether you should choose a flashy or minimal model, only you can decide.marriage proposal ringare products that can be used every day, including special occasions. Plain gold diamond models are always preferred more by women who prefer simple daily combinations.


What should I pay attention to in a diamond ring??

There are 4 important details that you should pay attention to when choosing a diamond. These 4 rules are called the 4C rule.

The carat and cut of the diamond.

Carat refers to the weight and size of the diamond. First of all, it is how many carats you need to pay attention to in your diamond ring. A well cut diamond can only come from the hands of a very good master. Choose reliable companies that can guarantee the workmanship of your diamond ring.

Diamond colour.

The color of the diamond stone goes from white to yellow. There is no yellow color in the best quality diamonds. You can examine the table below for the diamond colors that go towards yellow as D-E-F-G-H-J.

The clarity of the diamond.

The amount of traces on the diamond is called its clarity. The clearest diamond has very few traces. Since diamonds are natural stones, it is not possible to have any traces.

Mount of diamond.

The stoneless form of the diamond ring is called the installer. The shape of the nails to hold the diamond is also called mounting. It is one of the most important details in ring selection.


I decided to buy a diamond ring, what should I do now??

There are 3 different models of diamond rings, which are the most preferred in the offers. Thesediamond baguette ring, diamond solitaire ring and diamond pentacle ring.

You can decide which model you should buy by examining our models on our website. If you have any questions, you can get support from our Online Sales Consultants via our WhatsApp line. Our Support Line:0 536 602 25 86

Our recommendations:

Weight : 2.76 gr Adjustment : 14 K
Total Carat : 0.16 Carat Color : FG
Clarity : VS 0.05 Carat FG-VS
Diamond 0.11 Carat FG-VS Diamond

14K 2.80 gr GOLD 0.28 ct DIAMOND
Clarity: SI
Color: G

14K 3.70 gr GOLD0.30ct DIAMOND
Clarity: SI
Color: G

Answers to questions you may have:

On which finger is the offer ring worn??

It is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

Is there a certificate with the product??

All our diamond products are sent with a diamond certificate. These certificates contain all the details of the product and maintenance instructions.

How can I find out my girlfriend's ring size? 

The safest way to take a ring size is to take it on the finger, but you may not have such an opportunity when you want to surprise. You can measure the diameter of a ring your girlfriend wears. Our sales team will guide you by converting this size to a ring size.

What kind of box should I keep the marriage proposal ring in??

You can store your ring in our special lighted offer boxes. While making your offer, the light will reveal all the elegance of your diamond.

Can you custom produce the ring I want??

All you have to do is send your dream ring to us by drawing it. First of all, a 3D design is prepared for you. Your consent is obtained. The mold is created. And it is custom made for you.

I live abroad. Do you have cargo?

We have fast shipping all over the world. Your prepared package is sent with a special gift box and insured cargo.