What should be considered when choosing a diamond?

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What to consider when choosing a diamond?
We should take a look at the 4C feature in the diamond models we like; They are listed as Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut.
The color of the diamond; The color of our diamond products starts with the letter D of the word 'Diamond' and ends with the letter Z. As the color of the diamond moves towards D, it becomes whiter and increases in value. In our country, every color of diamond is available and sold..
The clarity of the diamond; Most diamonds have traces of carbon crystals. In order to crystallize the diamond, the minerals contained in the diamond; it shows us its color, structure and size. As these carbon crystals decrease in diamond products, their clarity and value increase.
Carat in diamond; Carat is a unit of weight. It is equal to one-fifth of a gram. The larger the carat, the higher its value.
The cut of the diamond; The most important of the 4C features and the only feature created by human hands is the cutting part. A cut in accordance with the standards makes the diamond even more eye-catching. The cut shapes vary according to the tastes of the people, the most preferred solitaire ring model, for example; round cut.
How to clean and polish the diamond?
Our diamond jewelry loses its shine and gets damaged due to dirty surfaces it comes into contact with, misuse and improper storage. No matter how hard our diamonds seem, they are also a delicate stone. We should keep our solitaire rings, diamond necklaces or diamond earrings that we use at home away from cleaning products, products such as perfume, deodorant, soap, nail polish, hair spray, alcohol. These products kill the shine of the diamond and cause a dull appearance. We should have our diamonds cleaned by experts once a year or at the place where we bought our jewelry. 
Details we need to pay attention to when storing our jewelry; 
  • We should keep them in their own special boxes.
  • We should also clean it before storing it.
  • We should take care not to store our diamond rings, necklaces and earrings damp or wet.
  • We should be careful not to contact other jewelry during storage because; may be scratched or damaged.
  • We should not expose it to excessive light and heat.
How is the value of a diamond determined??
The carat determines the value of the diamond. In other words, the value of a diamond with a high carat is also very high. The scarcity of diamonds in nature makes the diamond more valuable. A diamond solitaire with a high carat is more ostentatious. Another important issue is the cut shape. Because; The fact that the person who makes the cut is professional will cause the cut to be more successful. For example, a solitaire that is successfully cut will both increase in value and preserve the value of the diamond for a long time.
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