5 Reasons to Buy Gold Hoop Earrings!

Altın Halka Küpe Almanız İçin 5 Neden! - Tufanlar Kuyumculuk

In daily life, there are gold jewelry that every woman should have in her jewelry box. Here is one of them;gold hoop earrings. with different sizesgold hoop earrings Here are 5 reasons why you should buy it.

Becomes Complementary to Your Combinations

gold hoop earrings, It successfully fulfills the task of complementing your combinations. You can add color to your combinations on your special days or in your daily life with hoop earrings. Mini in a simple combination1 cm gold hoop earrings you can use. For a special occasion such as a wedding3.5 cm hoop earrings you can choose.

Gold Earrings Do Not Tarnish

You can buy from Tufanlar Jewellery.14k gold earrings shipped with certificate. Our gold products never tarnish. Its color does not change when it enters water. You can always think of gold products as inherited. Even your grandchild will be able to use your gold hoop earrings with pleasure.

Production with the Best Craftsmanship

Safely buy products that are expertly designed and produced in the best gold workshops of the Grand Bazaar. We bring you the culture of the Grand Bazaar, whose mastery continues from generation to generation.Our gold hoop earrings We take care of every detail from clip design to production quality and bring you together with the best craftsmanship products.

Gold Jewelry is a Long Term Investment.

The most enjoyable part of shopping for gold jewelry is knowing that your product will not lose value in the long run.Gold Hoop EarringsThe biggest difference of Silver or bijouterie earrings is that it always preserves its value. In the short term, if you want to exchange the same gold jewelry, there will be a loss of value, but until now, gold has always appreciated and made gold jewelry lovers happy.

You Can Shop From A Reliable Jeweler

Enjoy safe shopping from one of Turkey's largest jewelry stores.Tufanlar Jewellery You can live with. Founded in 1952, Tufanlar has been serving for 70 years with its store in Muğla/Fethiye with an area of more than 200 m2.

The gold hoop earrings you will buy now will be shipped the same day!

  • Gold Hoop Earrings 1 Cm
  • Our mini 1 cm hoop earrings, one of our very popular gold hoop earrings, are in the campaign. You can discover the details of our earrings with a weight of 0.63 grams on our website.

  • Gold Hoop Earrings 1.2 Cm
  • Our 1.2 cm Gold Hoop Earring, which is thicker and larger than our 1 cm earring, is the favorite of combination lovers. You can buy this earring, which has a weight of 0.75 grams, now.

  • 2 Pairs of Gold Hoop Earrings Combine
  • This combination package, in which our 1 and 1.2 cm hoop earrings are in the same package, is our favorite product of our customers who have two or more ear holes.

    Selling gold jewelery all over Turkey and the world.Tufanlar Jewelry You can complete your shopping with confidence. You can complete your payment by paying at the door, in 3 installments to a credit card or by Wire Transfer/EFT with a 5% discount. Your insured packages sent with Yurtiçi Cargo reach you within 2 days on average.

    Our packages, which we send to the whole world with Fedex, arrive in 3 days on average. For you to safely trade gold from Turkeyfloods waiting for you.