Choosing a Necklace for Your Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac Symbols


Almost everyone who is interested in astrology or not, has heard of the concept of horoscope at least once in their life. Most of us even know what zodiac sign we are based on the day we were born.. Tufanlar JewelleryWe have prepared for you inFrom our 14k gold zodiac necklace collection When choosing the one that is suitable for your own sign, where the symbol of your sign comes from and what kind of a story and character are you when the symbol of each sign is engraved on gold by master hands.necklace You can learn that it has been immortalized as an elegant accessory and reached you as an elegant accessory.


The origin of the zodiac is based on the Mesopotamians. As a result of their calculations, the Mesopotamians divided the 360-degree cycle that the sun follows in the sky in the direction of 12 constellations into 12 parts, each of which consists of 30 degrees. The same system was adopted in ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks gave the names of important creatures or characters in their mythological stories to these 30 degree pieces. Each piece is called Zodiakos, that is, Animal. The circle in which these signs are placed is called Zodiakos Kyklos, that is, Circle of Animals. This is where the concepts known today as the Zodiac Cycle or the Zodiac Circle come from. Each part of the zodiac circle is carefully symbolized.imgelendiği Tufanlar Jewellery Horoscope Necklace CollectionChoose your own mythological symbol and find out what kind of story it has in its history.


Origin and Symbols of the Zodiac Signs

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Aries (Aries) | 21 March - 20 April Ecliptic 00°-30°: Aries is the name of a special coach in Ancient Greek mythology, on which perilous voyages were made by the Argo Marines for his golden feathered fleece. Phriksos, the child of Nephele, gave the ram's golden feathered fur to King Aietes after sacrificing the ram to Zeus. King Aietes hung this golden feathered fleece in his magnificent garden, which he had prepared for Ares, the god of war. Therefore, it is thought that the name Aries may come from the god of war Ares. 


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Taurus (Taurus) | 21 April - 20 May Ecliptic 300°-60°:There are two different views about the bull, whose name is included in the zodiac sign. Some say it was Zeus' bull that kidnapped Princess Europa to Crete. Others argue that it was the bull that was killed by Theseus and that Poseidon presented to King Minos.


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Gemini (Gemini) | 21 May - 20 June Ecliptic 600°-90°:Twin brothers Castor and Polydeukes, who are mentioned as the boys of Zeus in Greek mythology, are two brothers who are very attached to each other. Polydeukes' father is Zeus, and Castor's father is King Tyndareos. Their mother is Leda, Queen of Sparta. Upon the death of his brother Castor, who was mortal during a conflict, Polydeukes, who was immortal, could not stand his brother's absence and wanted to go down to Hades with him. Zeus shared Polydeukes' immortality with Castor and allowed the two to live between Hades and Olympus. One of the pieces in the zodiac, representing these legendary twin brothers, is called Gemini, or Gemini.iştir.


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Crab (Cancer) | 21 June - 22 July Ecliptic 900°-120°:Karkinos is the name of the crab that bit the foot of Heracles -Hercules in Turkish- while trying to kill Hydra, a nine-headed monster. Hera, who sent the crab to distract Heracles, gave him a place in the zodiac to keep the memory of Karkinos alive. The reason why it is known today as Cancer instead of Karkinos is based on the doctor Galenos. Doctor Galenos used the word cancer with its medical meaning, as he compared the vessels he saw on tumors to the feet of a crab.


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Leo (Leo) | July 23 - August 22 Ecliptic 1200°-150°:The lion, which finds its place in the zodiac belt, is the creature known as the Nemean Lion in Ancient Greece. Heracles' first mission was to kill this lion. According to the story, attacking tools such as swords or arrows are not pierced into the skin of the Nemean Lion. That's why Heracles manages to kill the lion only by strangling it. Later, he plucked the lion's nails, skinned it with his nails, and made a garment out of his hide and a helmet from his head.


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Virgo (Virgo) | 23 August - 22 September Ecliptic 1500°-180°:There are many opinions about where the name of the Virgo zodiac sign is based on. Since Demeter, the goddess of fertility, was holding a bunch of spikes in her hand, it is a common view that such a naming was made to represent her in the zodiac. In addition, the word Virgo in Western languages is used in the sense of virgin. Therefore, the origin of the name Virgo in the zodiac was based on Artemis, Astraeia, and later on Iustitia and Mary in Rome.ıştır.


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Libra (Libra) | September 23 - October 22 Ecliptic 1800°-210°:Libra's stars are halfway through the zodiac's cycle, which begins with Aries and ends with Pisces. During this period, the duration of day and night is equal. Referring to this equality, it is identified with the concepts of balance and justice. Themis, Astraeia and Dike are symbolized by the scales as their personalities reflect balance, justice and equality. 


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Scorpio (Scorpio) | October 23 - November 22 Ecliptic 2100°-240°:The most frequently mentioned constellation in matters related to Scorpio is Orion. Orion is the name of a giant male hunter whom Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, liked. Hunter Orion always talked about having the power to kill all the animals on earth. Gaia (Mother Earth) was very disturbed by this situation and commissioned a giant scorpion to raise a giant scorpion from the ground and kill Orion. Gaia, proud of the scorpion that defeated Orion, put the scorpion in the zodiac. Artemis, on the other hand, put her favorite hunter next to the scorpion and named Sirius, the hunter's dog, on the star.


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Sagittarius (Sagittarius) | 23 November - 21 December Ecliptic 2400°-270°:The horseman holding a bow in his hand (Centavros in Greek), the symbol of Sagittarius, is the strongest and wisest of the horsemen, known as Chiron in Ancient Greece. Chiron was trained by Apollo and Artemis. During a war with Heracles, he suffered for a long time when he was hit by a poison arrow belonging to Heracles. Wanting to end his suffering, Chiron renounced his immortality and descended into Hades. The memory of Chiron was kept alive by being placed in the zodiac.


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Capricorn | December 22 - January 19 Ecliptic 2700°-300°:The symbol of Capricorn is based on Amalthea, which has a very key role in mythology. Amalthea is a Forest Nympha that looks like a goat. After Kronos received a prophecy that one of his children would overthrow him, Kronos began to eat all his born children. When Zeus was born, his mother Rhea hid him and gave Kronos a baby-sized swaddled stone to eat. Gaia took Zeus to the island of Crete and entrusted him to Amalthea. Zeus, who grew up under the auspices of Amalthea, overthrew his father Kronos and took the head of Olympus, plucked one of Amalthea's horns and filled it with abundance and fertility. Later, one of the parts in the zodiac was named Capricorn in memory of Amalthea.


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Aquarius (Aquarius) | January 20 - February 18 Ecliptic 3000°-330°: Prince Ganymedes, the son of the Trojan King Tros, was carrying the nectar, the source of the immortality of the Olympians, with the buckets in his hand. Homer spoke of Ganymedes as the most beautiful mortal. In memory of Ganymedes, the word Aquarius, meaning carrying water, was given as a name to this part of the zodiac.ştir.


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Fish (Pisces) | February 19 - March 20 Ecliptic 3300°-360°:All gods and goddesses tried to escape from the city by transforming themselves into various animals in order to escape from the great monster Typhoon that attacked Olympos. Eros and Aphrodite had turned into fish and fled to the sea. After the Typhoon was defeated and the war ended, the last part of the zodiac sign was called Pisces in memory of Eros and Aphrodite.


Why You Should Buy a Horoscope Necklace?

As it is known, gold is among the metals that conduct electricity and energy the best. Gold is the most valued element in both alchemy and esotericism, most associated with ancient and cosmic energy, since humanity's meeting with metal. In many mythologies, the most important creatures and characters have golden body parts or various tools. Gold is believed by alchemists to play important roles as a reinforcer of divinity, a means of transferring energy, a key to cosmic secrets, and a medicine for immortality. In addition, in esotericism, golden symbols and tools are always used for the transmission of ancient energies. Some Tibetan Monks, on the other hand, claim that golden water cures all diseases and helps open the chakras and help spiritual maturation.


Especially among our customers who are interested in astrology, follow horoscope interpretations, adopt the characteristics and energy of their sign.Tufanlar Jewelry Horoscope Necklace Collection attracts a lot of attention. Handcrafted with the symbol of your own zodiac sign14k gold necklaces By carrying it around your neck, you can strengthen the bond between you and the Zodiac Cycle and allow the healing energy of your sign to flow into your body.