Gold Jewelry and Jewelery Festival 2022 - Tufanlar Jewellery - Diamond 2022 Collection

The Gold Jewelry and Jewelry Festival, where the best gold and jewelry brands of Turkey come together, will be held on 24-31 December 2021.Tufanlar Jewellerytook place in. At the Gold Jewelry and Jewelery Festival, where the most exclusive gold and diamond collections were introducedKOÇAKStrong brands such as , Storks, Fagold, Lora Diamond took place. Thousands of people visited the festival, where products suitable for every budget were presented.Tufanlar JewelleryOrganized by the festival, the festival will be waiting for you in 2022.

Which Brands Participated in the Gold Jewelry and Jewelery Festival 

Koçak, one of Turkey's largest diamond brands, was also at the festival. Koçak 2022 collections are exclusive to the festival for the first time.Tufanlar Jewellerywas in. In addition to diamond solitaire, five-stone and baguette rings, diamond sets were the products that attracted the attention of the visitors. Koçak diamond experts gave service to their customers by telling the stories of their own products.

Storks, which is very popular all over the world and is the export champion, with its colored stone diamonds and wide jewelery collectionTufanlar Jewellerywas in. Storks lovers, who took advantage of the special prices for the festival, enjoyed shopping.

One of the most striking collection products at the festival, Fatih Sultan Mehmet's golden sword, prepared in exact measurements, was presented to the visitors. The guests who came to see this model, which is a special production of Tekin Seyrekoğlu, were amazed by the magnificence of the sword.

Lora Diamond and Fagold brands were also at the fair with their special products. The brands that offer their affordable collections at special prices for the festival will also take part in the 2022 fair.

Million Dollar Diamond Collection

Orse Diamond company, which participated in the festival, brought together its million-dollar diamond ring and special product collection with the guests. The 6-carat ring model was one of the products that most attracted the attention of the festival visitors.

Festival Venue: Tufanlar Jewellery

who will host the festivalTufanlar Jewellery, Fethiye's largest jewelry store. In addition to the gold section with thousands of 8,14,18,22 carat jewellery, it offers a wide product collection with its diamond collection and Koçak special section. It can easily find solutions to its customers' needs such as golden wedding shopping, golden birthday gifts.Tufanlar Jewellery The festival offers the opportunity to see the new year's collections.

It has more than 15,000 product typesTufanlar Jewellerypiano, Cetaş, Arpas, Çilek Gold, Goldium, etc., is working with many Turkey-wide famous manufacturers.

Offering a lifetime maintenance guarantee on all of its products.Tufanlar Jewellerystands behind its products and always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

The festival was a breath of nature!

As a result of the cooperation with the Fethiye Lycia Women's Cooperative and the General Directorate of Forestry, a very special social responsibility project was implemented at the festival. As a result of the 1-week festival, the shopping made turned into saplings. At the end of the festival, 10,000 Tree Saplings were donated. This festival, which took place after the forest fires, drew attention to a big problem.

The festival will also be online!

Announcing its new collections on the website at the Gold Jewelry and Jewelery Festival to be held in 2022.Tufanlar Jewelry It will also offer its followers outside the city the opportunity to see the festival.Instagram Tufanlar Jewellery, which will bring the festival together with its followers through live broadcasts on its YouTube and YouTube accounts, will also keep the festival spirit alive online.

You can shop on the website in 3 installments for the cash price, with payment at the door and money order/eft payment options. You can complete your shopping with insured fast shipping guarantee.