Mother's Day and Its Date

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Celebrated on different dates by different countries every year all over the world, Mother's Day is an ancient day based on very old dates. The history of Mother's Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in our country and in many countries of the world, dates back to Ancient Greece. As Tufanlar Jewellery, we are preparing a special collection for our mothers for Mother's Day, which is celebrated with various gifts and beautiful words for all mothers. Let's take a look at the history of Mother's Day together before deciding on our exclusive gift products for our mothers.

Mother's Day in Ancient Greece

The history of Mother's Day celebrations dates back to Ancient Greece, one of the oldest civilizations in civilization history. In ancient Greece, Rhea is considered the mother of the gods and goddesses in Greek Mythology. Every year, with the arrival of spring, the Ancient Greeks held festivals and feasts in honor of Rhea. During the festival, precious gifts were given to the mothers of the nobles, poems were read and compliments were made with nice words. Although it is not known exactly when this tradition started, there are spring festivals held in honor of Rhea throughout the history of Ancient Greece. After Ancient Greece, the Ancient Romans continued this tradition by blending it with their own culture.

Mother's Day in Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, which continued the ancient Greek culture and beliefs by blending them according to their own cultures, the name Cybele is seen instead of Rhea. In ancient Roman culture, Cybele is considered as the mother goddess. Just like in Ancient Greece, Ancient Romans organized festivals in honor of Cybele every year with the arrival of spring. In the festival, precious gifts are given to the mothers of the nobles, mothers are glorified with poems and beautiful words, and Cybele is commemorated. This tradition, which spread to many countries all over Europe after Ancient Rome, has been continued with various celebrations, usually with the arrival of spring, although the times have changed in many countries.

Mother's Day in the Modern World

The acceptance and spread of Mother's Day in today's modern world dates back to the United States of America in 1914. A woman named Anna Jarvis played an important role in making Mother's Day an official day in the United States. Anna Jarvis is a teacher born in 1864. Anna Jarvis, who lost her father in 1902, moved with her mother to Philadelphia, USA, where she continued to live and teach. Anna Jarvis, who lost her mother on May 9, 1915, three years after losing her father, started to think that she could not spend enough time with her mother while she was alive, and she felt a deep sadness.

Two years after her mother's death, on the anniversary of her mother's death, which fell on the second Sunday in May, she invited her friends to her house and gave a meal in her honor. During this meal, Anna Jarvis talked to her friends about the idea of ​​making this day a day to celebrate mothers across the country, and she received a lot of support from her friends. Anna Jarvis, to the leading names of the country to spread this idea; He wrote letters to statesmen, businessmen and clergy and shared his thoughts in newspapers. These ideas received great support and acceptance throughout the country, and although unofficial, Mother's Day celebrations were started in many states.

Finally, on May 8, 1914, with the approval of the Senate, President Wilson's signature, the second Sunday of May was declared as an official day as Mother's Day. After this official acceptance, Mother's Day, which spread all over the world, started to be celebrated on the second Sunday of May in many countries. Every year on Mother's Day, various gifts have been received for mothers, poems have been written, events have been organized and it has been officially accepted by many states.

Mother's Day Gifts

As the second Sunday of May, which is celebrated as Mother's Day all over the world, is approaching, we, as Tufanlar Jewellery, have carefully prepared the Mother's Day Gift Collection for you in order to answer the question of what should we get for our mother. Make our mothers feel special this year with the products we have chosen for the grace and elegance that suits our mothers, and crown them with the exclusive products of the Tufanlar Jewellery Mother's Day Gift Collection.ın.