Gold Jewelry and Jewelery Festival 2022 - Tufanlar Kuyumculuk

Altın Takı ve Mücevher Festivali 2022 - Tufanlar Kuyumculuk - Tufanlar Kuyumculuk

Gold Jewelry and Jewelery Festival 2022 - Tufanlar Kuyumculuk



This year, the second of the Gold Jewelry and Jewelry Festival, which brings together Turkey's largest gold and jewelry brandsTufanlar Jewelry It was held on 26-31 December 2022, hosted by Turkey's largest and most distinguished brands such as Elizi, Koçak, Lora, Storks and Model Diamond were fascinated with their new collections at the festival, where each more special and elegant collections were introduced. Elegant products appealing to all tastes and budgets met the visitors for the first time at the Gold Jewelry and Jewelery Festival.Tufanlar Jewellery Gold Jewelry and Jewelery Festival organized byinstagram,Facebook,WhatsApp AndYouTube over Tufanlar Jewellery made the festival excitement to the online participants from their official accounts. Special discounts for the festival and the red barcode campaign attracted a great deal of attention.


In addition, the participation of important names in the festival drew attention. District Police Chief, Fethiye District Governor, Fethiye Forestry Operations Director, Lycian Women's Cooperative President, prominent figures of the city and some social media phenomena also attended the festival. Deniz Pehlivan, who is known for his page in pursuit of a dream, was among the phenomena that attended the festival.



The Greatest at the Gold Jewelry and Jewelery Festival


This yearTufanlar Jewelry Organized for the second time, hosted by the Gold Jewelry and Jewelry Festival, Turkey's leading jewelry and gold brandsTufanlar Jewellery It was hosted in Fethiye store. At the festival, the 2023 collections of distinguished brands were presented to the visitors for the first time. Visitors had the chance to have the newest collections at special prices for the festival.


Koçak, one of Turkey's largest and best-known diamond brands, was at the festival with its special collections in 2023. The visitors were informed about the products by Koçak diamond experts. In addition to solitaire and baguette rings, elegant diamond sets were exhibited throughout the festival.


Storks brand, which is the export champion in the jewelry industry and one of the most admired brands all over the world, met with the visitors during the Gold Jewelry and Jewelry Festival with its brand new collections. It fascinated the visitors with its elegant products and colorful diamond stones.


Elzi company, which has steered the gold jewelry industry with its handcrafted Golden Trabzon Straw products in recent years, was among the participants of the Gold Jewelry and Jewelry Festival. The newest Trabzon Straw products, each more elegant than the other and carefully handcrafted, were displayed in special showcases throughout the festival. In addition, during the festival, how the unique Trabzon Straw weaves of the Elizi company are made was shown live. It was told how local clothes and delicate gold wires turn into masterpieces in skillful hands.



In addition, the new collections of Lora Diamond and Model Diamond brands were presented to the visitors for the first time at special prices for the Gold Jewelry and Jewelry Festival. Diamond products, each more beautiful than the other, radiated light with their unique styles.


Festival Becomes a Breath to Nature


Tufanlar Kuyumculuk Ağaç fidanı Bağışı


As part of the Gold Jewelry and Jewelery FestivalTufanlar JewelleryWithin the scope of the “Breathe to Nature” Campaign carried out in cooperation with Fethiye Municipality, Lycian Women's Cooperative and Fethiye Forestry Operations Directorate, every 5,000 and a tree was donated for shopping above. In addition, the shopping amount is 5,000Participants who did not reach . A tree was donated for every 10 entries made with a QR code. At the end of the campaign, a total of 2,000 saplings were donated and this year, a breath of fresh air was given to nature.Tufanlar Jewelleryhelps us to look at our future with more hopeful eyes with its social responsibility and environmental projects every year, on the way to leave a greener and cleaner nature to future generations.


You are Invited to the Next Festival

The first and second events were held in December of 2021 and 2022.Tufanlar Jewelry The Gold Jewelry and Jewelry Festival will continue traditionally in 2023 and beyond. hopeful future will continue to carry. You are also invited to the festival, which will be held for the third time at the end of 2023.